Las causas y tratamiento del dolor ocular


Descripción: If any of you have been unlucky enough to experience a corneal ulcer, you will know how excruciatingly painful such a trauma can be. And yet every week, I see a dog or cat with a strikingly similar ulceration, yet with a wide open eye and no apparent pain. To move to another example of a potentially painful ocular condition, one of the problems with primary open-angle glaucoma in humans is that the condition is pain free and it is not until significant blindness ensues that the problem is made evident. Yet glaucoma in many dogs is an acutely painful condition. How are we to correlate ocular pain in people, where nociceptive signs can be reported verbally, and pain in ocular conditions in animals where such overt reporting of the pain is clearly impossible? How are we to assess ocular pain in animals and what are the best ways of treating it? Pain is defined as an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage, or described in terms of such damage. We can, relatively, readily determine the sensory part of the painful experience in terms of the anatomy and neurophysiology of the nociceptive response, but evaluating the emotional response is difficult in different humans, let alone in companion animals


The Causes and Cures of Ocular Pain




Breve explicación sobre manejo y fisiopatología del dolor ocular en perros y gatos